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Tulsa Herd
Grand Monument

Tulsa Herd  - Grand Monument

61st and Yale, Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Tulsa Herd

  • NatureWorks is raising $3.5 million in donor contributions to bring the entirety of The Tulsa Herd Project to fruition.  NatureWorks has already seeded the beginning with the first two Bison families, and we are inviting philanthropists, patrons of the arts, and nature enthusiasts to join hands in realizing this dream.

  • The edification of The Tulsa Herd stands as a tribute to the bison's conservation journey and a reminder of the importance of preserving our natural heritage. As this project continues to take shape, we invite interested volunteers, funders and wildlife enthusiasts to contribute to this monumental endeavor. 


  • Donors to the Tulsa Herd Monument will receive special recognition and early access to items and events celebrating the monument.   

Friends of NatureWorks who would like to donate via our online system may do so by clicking the button below.

For more information about donor and sponsorship opportunities, please contact NatureWorks at:  or by calling 918-288-0549

One of NatureWorks' most ambitious projects to date is the creation of ‘The Tulsa Herd’, a grand monument located at LaFortune Park. This monumental endeavor features 40 life-size American bison, including bulls, cows, and calves, and vividly captures the magnitude of these iconic creatures. Intertwined among the Bison installations is an immersive sitting area accompanied by sculptures of other indigenous Oklahoma creatures.

  • The Tulsa Herd installation will pay tribute to a keystone species of the Great Plains, the American bison. Bison are recognized as a testament to the first major conservation success story. In the late 19th century, the bison population faced a severe decline, dwindling to a mere 1,000 animals. This decline, driven by various factors including market hunting and westward expansion, stimulated the nation’s early conservation efforts. As a result, the bison's subsequent recovery stands as a remarkable achievement in the realm of wildlife preservation.

  • Native plantings and skillful landscaping provide a natural ‘plains-like’ setting for The Tulsa Herd, reflecting the historic habitat of the American bison. Sited at LaFortune Park, it is a park within a park. A visage for travelers along Yale Avenue, a more incredible experience awaits those who choose to walk through the garden portal and experience 300 feet of wildlife history with a feel for the enormity of a herd of North America’s largest land mammals. Each sculpture is 1 ¼ scale and designed to help visitors visualize the plains of yesteryear.

  • Creating an environment that reflects the ‘plains’ where the Bison would roam, the paving and native plantings provide a natural setting for the Bison.  The Tulsa Herdis a park within LaFortune Park and can be experienced from your car as traveling along Yale Avenue, which covers a length of over 300 feet.  But a far better experience is in store for those who choose to walk into the portal of the garden.  There you see the scale and mass of what Bison represents.  These sculptures are 1 ¼ scale and are massive.  You can experience being in the herd and visualizing what life could have been like so many years ago.

  • The Herd is positioned to rival, if not eclipse, wildlife art projects across the nation. This larger-than-life monument project honors the symbolic legacy of bison while materializing the enduring efforts of NatureWorks in shaping a sustainable future for Oklahoma's wildlife and natural landscapes.

  • Celebrating a significant milestone, we’ve recently unveiled "The First Family" – the inaugural four Bison, realized through generous contributions to NatureWorks.  NatureWorks itself has committed several hundred thousand dollars towards the project and subsequent Bison families in process. Once our vision comes full circle, 40 majestic, larger-than-life Bison accompanied by inviting benches and enlightening educational signposts will grace LaFortune Park’s southwest expanse.


NatureWorks partners with local, state and national organizations in its mission to preserve and protect Oklahoma wildlife and their habitats.

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